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Fix and Flip

Whether you are remodeling a single family “fix and flip”, a single-family rental, or a complete apartment complex gut out. Yep, no worries.


Whether you want roll over new units or build that apartment complex that is going to turn a sweet profit for the next decade, we have the skill to bring your project to a close on time and in budget.


Looking for a new tenant finish, spruce up, or new office complex? We can take away the headache.




With experience ranging from complete remodels down to the studs of 18-unit apartment complexes, to investment flips, to rent-ready flips, to $150,000 kitchen remodels, Blake and Jason have the skill and experience that every property owner needs from a reliable contractor.

In addition, Blake is a Serial Entrepreneur, having built businesses from the ground up ranging from information product businesses, real estate investing, vacation rental development, to general contracting, giving him a broader understanding of your position and needs.

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Here we work a quote, pick selections and cost allowances, draw any plans or 3D renderings desired or needed.


Project is started, possible change orders are signed and approved, and payment draws are issued as the project progresses.

1-Year Warranty and Lien Release

We provide a 1-Year Warranty on all work and materials performed on the project and release you from all possibilities of a lien filed by us or subcontractors.


Michael C.

Did absolutely terrific work in our kitchen, mudroom, laundry room, basement, porch/entry, and interior & exterior painting. We couldn’t be more pleased with the quality of work and exceptional commitment to high standards. The workers were respectful and polite, always willing to answer questions, and quick to answer our questions. They took our suggestions with respect and often integrated our ideas into the work they were doing.

James R.

I would 100% use these guys again. They have a great crew, and there was nothing we asking for that they weren’t willing to build for us: from hidden bookshelf doorways, to 12″ x 12″ cubbies along an entire wall, to a stage with special wiring for our home theater, and even removing walls we didn’t want/need there anymore. They were both professional and well skilled.

Stuart M.

Blake Brose is as honest and trustworthy as anyone I know. To complete a large construction job (18-unit apartment complex), he had to step in as the general contractor and he did a great job of getting it done. And lucky for me, he is a fast learner and willing to work under a severe timeline to make things happen. I trust Blake completely and in anything concerning real estate in Kansas City. I would seek him out for his opinion.

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